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Don't Let Our American Heritage Slip Away (June 2020 Editorial)

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

What’s the biggest issue we face right now in our country? Division? Dishonest journalism? Ideologies like Socialism and Marxism becoming more mainstream? All of these and many more issues are concerning, but perhaps not as critical as the disappearance of an accurate report of our own history. You see, history does tend to repeat itself and if you’re not rightly postured to learn from it, you run the risk of perishing for lack of knowledge, or repeating past downfalls. We’ve been convinced by activists and editorial departments that our country is institutionally racist, inherently ethnocentric, gravely colonial, and just plain horrible. We’ve either forgotten, or were never taught, the real story.

The quick-shot, headline cruising in-the-know types of today typically don’t care for the work that goes into seeking out primary sources, considering context, or reading… actual books. No, they’re content with opinions, opinions of opinions, and really lazy and agenda-laden journalism. But the kicker is that this modern, revisionist spin of history is based in emotionalism, not facts, good sources, or proper context. This brand of history submits that the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve slavery (via the 1619 project), that the Democratic Party has long stood in the gap for the oppressed and disenfranchised, and that capitalism is the source of all injustice and economic adversity. These assertions, of course, are not true. Don’t let the anti-history, academic mob erase our historical heritage.

- JF D'Orsie

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