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If Abortions are “Life-Sustaining” Then We’re Living in a Parallel Universe - Editorial - May 2020

The Orwell novel that is the year 2020 in American society continues to play out in the Keystone state. But perpetuating the murder of babies straight through a stay-at-home order that restricts all businesses or organizations that are not “life-sustaining” is next level evil. It’s also plainly illogical and biologically false. But logic, science, and Biblical truth don’t matter to the abortion lobby, or apparently to Governor Wolf.

The state’s reasoning that an organization which takes life is, in fact, life-sustaining, isn’t just grimly incongruent, it’s also telling. Normally content to discretely provide “healthcare” at a safe distance from public criticism, the state’s abortion providers, under the protective, paternal wing of the Governor, are unashamedly providing their ‘bread and butter’ service in the open while most other businesses’ doors remain shuddered.

If you’ve ever wondered about the day, often spoken of in those prophetic Orwellian works, when fact and fiction, truth and lie are interchangeable and unrecognizable, you can rest uncomfortably knowing that we’ve arrived there.

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