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The Health Secretary's Edict is an Overreach (May 2020 Editorial)

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The Secretary’s recent order requiring life-sustaining businesses to comply with a long and problematic list sounds more like something being demanded of a people subject to tyranny than it does a directive for those living in a republic.

The 1st Amendment of our constitution guarantees the right to peaceably assemble, yet has seemingly already been stripped of us. This is illegal and unconstitutional. Disasters or crises should never be an “excuse” to revoke rights.

1. I'm confused why a non-elected, non-legislator has the authority to make a directive like this.

2. This is an example of government overreach... dictating to businesses what they must wear, encouraging them to turn away customers, strong-arming them into installing costly equipment. The degree of control is concerning, but so is the economic impact this will have on businesses and customers.

3. With statewide, national, and global numbers seemingly on the decrease, and new data showing that this virus might not have been as dangerous as originally anticipated, why the sudden extreme restriction on Pennsylvanians? This new, broad measure seems not to match the scenario.

4. Just days ago the strategy was “flatten the curve" to buy hospitals time. Now, in a sudden shift, it’s "defeat the virus" at the cost of basic freedom.

I’m not downplaying this virus but I am raising this question: what price are you willing to pay to comply with this mitigation theory? Is it worth your job, your livelihood, your freedom?

- JF D'Orsie

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