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To the Christian Voter, One Issue Stands Above the Rest - Editorial - October 2020

Don’t misunderstand me, there are more than one important issue facing our country, but none as clear and conspicuous to the Christian voter as abortion. Those of us who revere God have to start there, and after considering where both Presidential candidates stand on this issue, we can end there.

There are several political topics that Christians weigh and carefully consider; each one having differing yet valid points of view as we search the scriptures and pray. Abortion isn’t one of them. The God who sent His son to secure abundant life for all has spoken loud and clear about life… He is profoundly and emphatically for it, and those who oppose life do not represent Him.

Democrats plainly and unashamedly believe in unrestricted abortion. There is no perceivable limit or restraint to the abortions that they propose and they believe it should be tax payer funded every step of the way. This, of course, is masked as “reproductive health.”

Republicans, on the other hand, point to our founding charters to remind us all that murder is illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral. Republicans plan to protect the fundamental and natural right to life, even when it’s inconvenient or in its preliminary stage.

You might say, “there are other issues to be considered.” There are indeed, but none as important as this one. This one has the power to define us. Are we really a nation that endorses the murder of our most helpless?

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