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If Nothing Else, Vote to Delay Socialism (October 2020 Editorial)

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Free Markets and Capitalism have produced the most innovative, inventive, peaceful, healthy, charitable, and profitable societies in history.

Socialism & Communism, conversely, have produced the most oppressed, persecuted, poor, hungry and dead societies in history.

Socialism is to economic strategy as Communism is to political rule. These two are cousins and like to work in tandem. Here are a handful of examples of these systems gone horribly wrong:

  • Present day Venezuela with its rich store of petroleum, yet its people eating trash to survive because of crippling socialist policies

  • Nazi Germany. That’s right, the National Socialist German Workers Party was a left-wing (not right-wing) Socialist group that eliminated millions of people and instigated a world war

  • 20th century Communist China, Russia, Cuba, and Cambodia – Responsible for tens of millions of deaths by murder, starvation, and oppression.

Because of free markets and capitalist principles, global poverty has declined sharply, to the tune of 47 million people every year from 1990-2015. Capitalism is also why Americans enjoy top notch education, healthcare, and unprecedented equality of opportunity.

In contrast, 2/3 of registered democrats have a favorable view of socialism. Even more, their party platform reads strikingly similar to a communist manifesto. They have plans to redistribute wealth through suffocating tax increases, implement an impossible universal healthcare system, artificially dictate wages and prices, “reform” our criminal justice system, and “reimagine” the police departments that keep our neighborhoods safe. Don’t be fooled come November 3rd.

- JF D'Orsie

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