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The pandemic brought to light a very dangerous reality for Pennsylvanians. Our state government is way too involved in our day to day lives. In no scenario should a governor or his/her officials be dictating what you wear, when and in what fashion you can leave your house, how and when you should shop for necessities, and how to best care for the health and wellbeing of you and yours. This level of overreach must be curbed immediately.


There’s a new brand of crony conservatism out there, one that loves spending other people’s money and making government intervention the answer to every conceivable question. That’s not me. As a classic republican, I believe the less government there is, the better, true to our founding principles as a commonwealth and a country.


Whether it’s your choice as a parent to enroll your children in public, private, charter, cyber, or homeschool, you should be able to do so without clearing harmful hurdles from state government. The key word here is “choice.” It’s your choice how your kids are educated, and it is certainly not government’s role to inhibit your child’s education based on your choice.


Paying a tax each year on the property that you bought and rightfully own makes no sense and is unjust. Pennsylvanians need to be released from this ball and chain precedent that drains bank accounts and penalizes landowners.


Small businesses are the lifeblood of Pennsylvania’s economy. Government regulation and hyper-involvement are the chief hindrances of small business. We have to clear a way for small businesses to excel and do what they do best – offering the best possible product or service to Pennsylvanians.


The poorly planned and ill conceived election code changes (also known as ACT 77) was a train wreck waiting to happen. It must be repealed. One of the foundations of free societies is fair and just elections, which is something we need to reclaim and reinsure with all possible diligence.


When you send your kids to public school, you should expect a balanced, impartial curriculum that examines things worth learning and an objective view of the world... NOT a list of radical progressive fallacies and theories aimed at indoctrinating your kids. 


The Federal Bill of Rights can't be any clearer on your right to 'keep and bear arms.' The democrats' onslaught to add taxes, regulations, and other hassles to gun owners is ridiculous and counterproductive. Their radical agenda must be defeated.

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