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Thank You, Daily Wire

In a media atmosphere in which misinformation is common, lying isn’t a sin, and things like impartiality and liberty are taboo, a new news company has emerged that’s not just a cut above the rest, but a whole head above the competition. They’re smart but not annoyingly academic, logical but not so loyal to their ideology that they’re blind, and they understand that the point of journalism isn’t to coerce readers into agreeing with their political opinions, but rather to present the facts. They don’t daily correct or retract articles because of bad reporting and shady sources, they don’t have a “fact-checking” wing to defend their positions, and their writing/reporting isn’t so condescending as to push their readers away, like other daily papers. This company is the Daily Wire.

Ben Shapiro

The other great thing about the Daily Wire is they were the driving force and most critical cog in the wheel that disrupted and ended the Biden administration's illegal and unconstitutional OHSHA employer vax mandate. This can’t be minimized or understated. Without the Daily Wire’s leadership in this lawsuit, I’m not sure if we’d be enjoying freedom in this way as employees at larger businesses today in America.

This isn’t a promotion for the Daily Wire, although I am a subscriber, it’s just an acknowledgement of a job well done. Many of us agree with the notion that essentially founded the Daily Wire’s philosophy – ‘Facts don’t care about your feelings.’ This statement will be ever true and the sooner we can understand this the better off we’ll be.

-Joe D'Orsie

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